Exercises 1

                                                                 Solar System

   1.   Which following is not a planet in the Solar System ?
A.     Saturn
B.     Uranus
C.     Jupiter
D.     Asteroid

     2.  The information below is about one of the constituents of the Solar System.

·        There are nine of them
·        They move around the Sun
·        Each of them has its own orbit

The information refers to …..
A.     The comets.
B.     The planets.
C.     The asteroids.
D.     The natural satellites.

3                        3.   Planet  X is the nearest planet to the Sun . Which planet is X ?
A.     Mercury
B.     Earth
C.     Mars
D.     Pluto

        4.         U – Earth                 W – Neptune
                    V – Venus                X – Uranus

From the information above, arrange the plants from the nearest to the furthest from the Sun.
A.   V, U, X, W
B.   U, V, X, W
C.   U, V, W, X
D.   V, X, U, W

1                          5.    The information below is a list of some planets of the Solar System

Choose the correct sequence of the distance of the planets from the Sun, beginning with the nearest .
A.      PQRS
B.     RQPS
C.     RQSP
D.     PRSQ

2                           6.     Which of the following are present only on the Earth and not on other planets ?
                                                              I.          Air
                                                           II.          Water
                                                          III.          Sand

                                              A.              I and II only
                                              B                I and III only
                                              C                II and III only
                                              D.               I, II and III

                                7.         What happens when the distance of a planet from the Sun increases ?
     A.     The planet becomes hotter.
     B.     The planet becomes colder.
     C.     The planet shrinks.
     D.     The planet expands.

                 8.     Which of the following are true about the Solar System?
                           I.          The distance from the Moon to the Earth is greater than the distance from the Earth to the Sun .
                         II.          The further  the planet from the Sun, the colder the planet is .
                        III.          The size of the Sun is 100 times the size of Earth .

                  A.     I and II onl
                  B.     I and III only
                  C.     II and III only 
                  D.     I, II and III

                             Section B

Answer all the questions.

  1. The table below shows the relative distances of the planets from the Sun.

Distance from the Sun
108 million km
57 million km
2870 million km
149 million km
778 million km
227 million km
4496 million km
1427 million km

a)      What is the centre of the Solar System ?

b)      Arrange the planets according to distance from the Sun , starting with the nearest.
1.__________________ → 2.__________________ → 3.__________________ →
4.__________________ → 5.__________________ → 6.__________________ →
7.__________________ → 8.__________________

c)      What can be said about that the movement of the planets in the Solar System ?



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Latihan yang bagus untuk murid-murid.

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